Leading students into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Connecting students to Jesus, helping them grow in their faith, and equipping them to serve is what we are all about.

We believe that students on fire for Christ can change the world – we exist to facilitate just that.

Every Sunday and Wednesday our 6-12th graders meet. FUSE Student Ministry is loaded with worship, friends, small groups, and a message geared towards students and their everyday life. Our goal is to create an experience where students can meet Christ and grow in their relationship with Him.


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Every Sunday our 6-12th graders meet at 10:30 AM in the FUSE building.

This June they will be going through the Guaranteed: A Study in 1 John 4-week series. This four-lesson series specifically deals with the concepts of walking in the light vs. walking in darkness, how Jesus Christ is our Advocate, temptation, and the love of God.

WEEK ONE (May 26th): A Sure Path – Students will learn the difference between walking in the light vs. walking in darkness and will be encouraged to find their delight in following God.

WEEK TWO (June 2nd): A Sure Support – Students will learn that Jesus stands up for them when they sin and will trust Him as their Advocate.

WEEK THREE (June 9th): NO FUSE. This is our annual Grad Sunday where we celebrate our high school and college graduates. Please join us for ONE service at 10 AM at Buckeye Woods (please watch our website and Facebook page for service updates in the event of inclement weather).

WEEK FOUR (June 16th): A Sure Love – Students will learn about God’s love and will be encouraged to show the same love to others.

The second part of June the students will begin going through the Tough Topics 4-week series. This four-lesson series specifically teaches the biblical approach to difficult topics: finances, violence, temptation, and emotions.

WEEK ONE (June 23rd): Put Your Money Where Your Faith Is – Students will learn the Biblical approach to financial stewardship and will be challenged to adopt the habit of giving, saving, then spending.

WEEK TWO (June 30th): Victory Over Violence – Students will discover that violent tendencies are a symptom of inward pride and will be challenged to seek God’s power to replace their pride with tenderheartedness.

*6th-8th graders meet on the East side of the FUSE Center.

*9th-12th graders meet on the West Side of the FUSE Center.

Every Wednesday our 6th-12th graders meet from 6:30 – 8 PM in the FUSE building.

There are some things we just have to share. A funny video, some encouraging words, or a profound moment of kindness are all things we’ve probably shared this week. When we share, we just want the people we care about most to experience what we have. We’re quick to send videos to each other, but how easy is it for us to share our faith? Maybe it’s not that we don’t want to share, but we might have a hard time overcoming some of our obstacles or insecurities. During this four-week series, we’ll take a look at the story of Samuel and the ways that God called him to share his faith through words and action. Together, we’ll explore how God invites us to share the good news, why sharing the good news should start with prayer, what to do when sharing the good news requires risk, and how sharing the good news can happen every day.

WEEK ONE (June 5th): NO FUSE

WEEK TWO (June 12th): Sharing the Good News Should Start with Prayer – Samuel shows us how prayer can give us a new perspective, and we hear Paul share about being consistent in prayer.

WEEK THREE (June 19th): Sharing the Good News Sometimes Requires Risk – Samuel follows God on the search for a new king despite the potential risks.

WEEK FOUR (June 26th): Sharing the Good News Can Happen Every Day – Samuel says goodbye, and he shows us how daily choices influence the direction of our lives.

Students – looking to emerge as a leader among your peers?


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