Leading students into a life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Connecting students to Jesus, helping them grow in their faith, and equipping them to serve is what we are all about.

We believe that students on fire for Christ can change the world – we exist to facilitate just that.

Every Sunday and Wednesday our 6-12th graders meet. FUSE Student Ministry is loaded with worship, friends, small groups, and a message geared towards students and their everyday life. Our goal is to create an experience where students can meet Christ and grow in their relationship with Him.

Every Sunday our 6-12th graders meet at 10:30 AM in the FUSE building.

This December they will be going through the Gone Viral: Jesus is Always Trending 4-week series. This four-lesson series covers doctrinal truth concerning Jesus Christ. It specifically deals with Jesus’ humility, sinlessness, servanthood, and the authenticity of His death and resurrection.

*6th-8th graders meet on the East side of the FUSE Center.

*9th-12th graders meet on the West Side of the FUSE Center.

Every Wednesday our 6th-12th graders meet from 6:30 – 8 PM in the FUSE building.

Please note that there will be NO FUSE on December 20th & December 27th.

This Christmas, what are you grateful for? Your favorite Christmas memories might involve snowball fights, presents, or time with the people you love most . . . but feeling grateful and expressing gratitude are two pretty different things. When we really think about it, there’s so much we can be thankful for — even when things don’t work exactly how we planned. God has given us so much, and the birth of Jesus is a great way to focus on all of the gifts we’ve received this year, and to say thank you too! Join us as we learn about gratitude as we celebrate Jesus’ birth. As we do, we’ll be reminded to be thankful for each other, what God has done, and God’s promises, and to be thankful even when it’s not easy.

Be sure to join us for our Christmas Party on December 13th!

Students – looking to emerge as a leader among your peers?

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