Below are some of the many stories of God at work in the lives of people here.

All stories are used with permission from those involved.

Yesterday was one of those days where I asked for prayer from a few folks, and felt better than I had any reason to expect (more energy, enthusiasm, clear thinking). God answers those prayers. ūüôā – Ryan S.
Having full trust in him allows us to enjoy our relationship with God. As it enriches, grows and strengthens on our journey, God’s MIRACLES can play out in our lives when we come to Him in prayer asking him to help us to accept things in our lives and to be able to move on from them, to be able to forgive, for comfort, for patience, to have more strength during this difficult time, for him to help us with anxieties, to ask help with our fears , sorrows and emotional and physical pains that are unbearable. These things in themselves can all be MIRACLES in our lives when we become desperate and God answered our prayers. – Kim B.
When I take a walk and meet someone, I say, “May GOD bless you all and keep you safe.”¬† Most people are open to the comment and most say, “Same to you.”¬† Others just say, “Thank you.”¬† Sometimes this simple conversation starts further discussion about the LORD and He directs our words.¬† People are open to conversation. ¬†Take the opportunity.¬† Everyday I ask the LORD to place one person in front of me that I can encourage and share His love.¬† Sometimes it is on the phone, a letter, an email, or a text. ¬†May GOD bless. – Dave P.
Addiction had taken complete hold of my son, he lost everything including his freedom. Through prayer,  God made a way for him to be admitted to a faith based residential rehab center where he gave his life to God. He now has a new perspective on life and gives God all the praise for it. It was such a blessing to watch as he helped his daughter with her daily devotional and to see him excited to receive his Bible. My son is now in Phase Four of rehab. He has started his internship with the rehab center  and will be able to help others with their addiction. His brother Josh has witnessed what God had done in his brothers life; it opened his heart up to the Lord. A week ago Josh also gave his life to God. What the devil meant for evil, God used for his glory.  РR. P.

The word intentional has stuck with my husband and I since we talked about it in November here at the church. I usually don’t give my co-workers a Thanksgiving card but I wanted to talk about God with all of them. So I bought cards and wrote a little poem about giving thanks to the Lord and to think about the real meaning for the day. I put the envelopes in their mail boxes with candy and a pumpkin decoration taped to the outside. I also did this for Christmas (but not with pumpkins :)). – Carol M.

Ever since moving to Medina in the summer of 2018, my walk with the Lord has grown closer thanks to His chain reaction set forth in my life. It started with attending the Service on the Square after being invited by our neighbors. Then, finding new friends through¬†our Women’s Sunday AM LIFE group¬†has been a blessing. Our group recently adopted residents of a local motel, and we deliver bags of food and devotional materials to them. Under guidance, I am now volunteering and working at a local jail, unashamed to share Jesus with inmates. God has also drawn me closer as I am now on Day 256 of reading the Bible in a year after being encouraged by our Pastor. Praise God for leading me to First Baptist! – Robin B.

A story from our Missionaries, Nathan and Shana Mast to Kenya, Africa – Nathan got a random email from a 6th grade boy that remembered Nathan from camp a few months previous.. He must have saved something with their email address on it or gotten it from someone. Anyhow, he said “I would like to know how to accept Jesus as savior”. Nathan wrote a long explanation of the gospel and said he would love to meet with him. The boy simply responded “ok”. Soon after that, Nathan was on a school campus and this boy came to the Bible study and told Nathan that he prayed to accept Jesus. Great story of how it sometimes takes a long time of working with an individual or group and sometimes someone is ready and God is calling him!

On Thanksgiving day my wife and I were eating lunch at Cracker Barrel, when I notice a young man at a table across from us and telling the waitress someone was coming in with a walker. After a few minutes he was kind of antsy until the rest of his party showed up; his grandmother (elderly and with the walker), parents and brother. They seemed very pleasant.
As we were eating our meal, I noticed the young man had a caring way about himself and wanted to make sure everyone was doing well. It was at that point that God spoke to me and said to pray for them. I told my wife that God wants me to pray for that family, so I asked if she could take care of the bill. I approached the table and said Happy Thanksgiving and shared that God told me to pray for them. I asked if it was ok to pray for them and they said yes. I then asked who they were and if it was ok to lay my hands on them to pray and they said yes. As I prayed, I felt the presence of God. After praying, I thanked them for letting me pray and shook all of their hands and blessed them. The family was very grateful.
Thank you for letting me share, to God be all the glory!  РTony M.
In October, we hosted a neighborhood front yard gathering of cider and donuts this past weekend. Our goal is to continue to strengthen¬†relationships with our neighbors and ultimately¬†display and share God’s love.¬† We distributed flyers inviting them and also incorporated the church’s “Socktober” sock collection effort. We had over a dozen people come out with others bringing socks but not able to attend. It was great to connect with these people and many expressed their appreciation for the gathering as well as the opportunity to participate in the sock collection for Haven of Rest.¬† ¬†David and Deb M

A co-worker had told me that his wife had a tumor on her brain that was causing her to lose sight in her left eye. I told him I would pray for her. That next Saturday, I brought it to our Men’s Prayer Group and we all prayed about it. The following Monday, my co-worker came to me elated and told me that the tumor was gone and the doctors couldn’t explain it. He said, “I can see now, that prayer really works.” This even strengthened my belief in the power of prayer. All glory to God! – Rich D.

During breakfast with one of FBC’s pastors, I was encouraged to start reading from the Bible daily. I’ve now been reading for over 200 days; previously I had not read my Bible daily since I was a teenager. I feel it has made a great difference. By reading to start my day, I feel I’m able to better focus on God’s word and apply it to my daily routine. I feel encouraged, less stressed, more kind and humble, and am better able to put God first in my life. To Him be all glory! РS. T.

I knew who Jesus was when I was seventeen but I didn’t really get “saved” until much later in life. During my twenties I became addicted to alcohol, prescription¬†pain medication and pornography. I was angry all the time and felt very far away from God, and certainly didn’t think that He could love someone like me. Shortly after my first marriage fell apart I found myself living in a transit house with a few other men; only my Harley, my tools and a duffel bag full of clothes to my name. Finally I had enough; I grabbed a hold of the Bible a friend had given me and had a “come to Jesus” meeting with just me and the Lord. It was then that I completely surrendered my life to Christ and was set free from my past. Today I walk with Jesus Christ and my life is far different from before; remarried, sober and free from addiction, not because of anything I have done or deserved, but because of who He is and what He did for me on the cross. – Chris S.

Since I’ve been studying the Bible and praying on a daily basis I find myself being able to stay calm in times when I would not have been able to before. When things didn’t go my way in the past I would get really angry but now I find myself thanking God for knowing what is best for me. I can now be grateful in both good times and bad. Having a deeper, more abiding relationship with God has completely changed my life. РShawn W.

“Two Men and A Truck don‚Äôt got nothing on FBC men.”¬†My neighbor just had a major surgery and had asked my wife for some help moving some furniture. It just so happened that we were having home life group at our house that weekend.¬† I corralled a few of the men from our home life group and we went over to her house.¬†¬†We relocated a bedroom set from an upstairs bedroom to the basement of her home.¬† While we have served in other super rewarding capacities as a group before, this one was uniquely special because it was our neighbor.¬† Another cool fact is that she has visited our church before.¬†¬†It was so fulfilling to have people from FBC serving her!¬† She was so thankful.¬†¬†We got to display what love at FBC can look like!¬†P.S.- No damage to drywall either ūüôā¬†Just super cool! – Shelton R.

I had a 10 year battle with addiction. I wasn’t scared to die during that time, I was scared to live. I didn’t want to face a new day. Jesus changed my life. By God’s grace I am a year sober August 26, 2019 and I am not looking back. When I laugh now, it is because I have real joy. РHeather W.

I grew up being taught to obey God‚Äôs Word and follow Jesus because of what He did for me on the cross.¬† I went to camps and revivals all through my childhood.¬† Life has taken me in directions I never thought I would go, or for that matter, wanted to go, but through all of it-God has been faithful.¬† I believed in Jesus- what He had done for me and gave my life to Him when I was a child but had never been baptized by immersion-the way Jesus was baptized.¬† Reading Romans 6:3-4 helped me understand that step of obedience better. –¬†Tammy P.

A few of us guys were at Salvation Army playing basketball with kids in the community on Friday Night. A young man got frustrated and marched outside as other kids were picking on him a little. I went out and spent some time talking with him. He said he doesn’t feel like many people care about him. I found out that his dad is not in the picture. What he remembers of his dad is being beaten up. I¬†made sure he knew his mom and siblings, us guys who were there, the¬†lieutenants at Salvation Army, as well as others in the community care about him but that God loves and cares about him even more and showed that in sending Jesus. We talked about turning to Jesus and about God as the perfect Father. I shared some scripture with him and challenged him to go home, grab one of the bibles he said he had ¬†and start reading in the book of John. He said he would try. I am looking forward to seeing him the next time I am there and following up with him. – Steve L.

Several weeks ago, five of us paid a visit to a couple that has not been able to attend services at First due to failing health. We spent our time singing classic hymns, and praying with them. They were so filled with joy, and eyes filled with tears, they couldn’t stop thanking us for the visit. We went to be a blessing to them and I think they blessed us even more. РWayne T.

I had a great childhood. I just got off the rails. After years and years of battling with addictions, prostitution and other things, Jesus has changed my life. I can’t even tell you how truly gracious God has been to me. – Sharon B.

We had a gentleman join us more than 6 months ago who was very angry and hurt, vowing his wife as ‚Äúunforgivable‚ÄĚ. Over the weeks of faithfully attending Divorce Care and developing friendship with others, we saw his heart soften. During this time, his wife reached out via a letter which he briefly spoke of to the group wondering how he would respond. He reached out to me late last week asking to speak with the group and sharing it would be his last week with us. ¬†Wednesday, he addressed each person individually and shared how they impacted his journey and decision. He began thanking us for facilitating, stating that if not for Divorce Care, he is not sure he would ‚Äúbe here emotionally or even physically‚ÄĚ. He thanked others for strength, friendship, humor and there were many tears shed as he shared his plans to seek restoration of his marriage. ¬†God is so good! ¬†– Carla G.

I am a recovering drug addict. I could ‚Äėt believe how welcomed I was, even though it was a rough morning and I didn‚Äôt even have shoes on.‚ÄĚ – Gary S.