Watermark Church Mission Trip

We are still in need of volunteers for the family mission trip to Watermark Church. Aside from general construction, we could use help with painting, yard work, and other various practical needs.

When does the challenge begin?2019-10-19T15:20:21-04:00

The challenge will officially begin on November 3rd, 2019. Each Sunday through the week of Thanksgiving, you will be given a new category of people to connect with. Then, the following Sunday you can share your experiences from the preious week.

Will there still be a Thanksgiving basket outreach?2019-10-19T15:58:11-04:00

Yes, but we will be taking a different approach this year. All thanksgiving baskets will be made and delivered by specific groups in our church so that the weekly challenges can be focused on by the majority.

What are some examples of acts of kindness we can do?2019-10-17T17:51:00-04:00

Here you can find a number of ways to make an impact in the name of Christ by sharing love and kindness to those you are connected with.

Will there still be food boxes going to our Community and City View?2019-10-19T15:15:49-04:00

Yes! We will still be distributing food boxes to those we collect names from in our community as well as our brothers and sisters at City View. In addition to this, we want to make a strong effort to bless those in our church family who might be it need as well. If you, or someone you know in our church, needs help getting through this holiday season, please contact the church office or one of our Pastors.

How can we share our experience to be prayed for?2019-10-17T17:43:19-04:00

There will be more specific details on this as we get closer to the start of the weekly challenge. Stay tuned for more direction on this!

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