Connecting to Jesus happens in an instant when a decision is made to recognize Him for who He is, repent of sin, and follow Him. Whether you decided to follow Jesus today or a long time ago, growing in your faith in Jesus is a process and that process was never meant to happen in isolation. Taking Next Steps toward to grow as a follower of Jesus is crucial but that happens best and most authentically in the context of community. That is where small groups come in.

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Planning for the future is hard when you’re still paying for the past! This class will help you build a financial strategy that includes basic budgeting, dumping debt and planning for the future.


Start Date: February 19th

Meeting Time: Wednesday’s @ 6:30 pm. 

Meeting Location: Room 305

Notes: If this is your first time registering for Financial Peace University, you will need to purchase the class membership for $99 per couple. 


Pastor John will begin a new adult bible study on on September 5th. His previous Study, The Powerful Presence of God, is available here.

New Study Start Date: September 5th

Meeting Time: Thursday’s from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Meeting Location: Room 108 (LIFEkids Room)

Notes: Everyone is welcome! Please use the main lobby doors since this study will take place during school hours.

Home LIFEgroups

What is a Home LIFEgroup?
A LIFEgroup is part of the larger discipleship strategy of First Baptist Church of Medina. It is 6-12 adults (individuals or couples) gathering in the home of the LIFEgroup leader or a home of one of the LIFEgroup members for the purpose of building relationships, studying God’s Word together, helping one another, corporate prayer and being on mission with God as a group.
How often does a LIFEgroup meet?
A Home LIFEgroup will typically meet twice a month. The day of the week and duration that a Home LIFEgroup meets differs.
What will we study?
Group leaders typically choose their own studies. Typically these studies will be through Right Now Media.
Can I bring my children to the Home LIFEgroup?
Each group is different. Most Home LIFEgroups welcome kids and have a plan for children coming. Other groups are adult only. As you talk to group leaders, ask about this.
How do I become a Lifegroup Leader?
A LIFEgroup Leader must be a member of First Baptist Medina who is actively following Jesus, seeking the Lord and been through FBC LIFEgroup Leader Training. If you are interested in leading a LIFEgroup, please contact Discipleship Pastor, Steve Lytle at
If you have any questions regarding our Home LIFEgroups, please contact Discipleship Pastor, Steve Lytle at
small groups at medina

Sunday LIFEgroups

Lifegroups are offered for adults each Sunday morning at 9 or 10:30, running at the same time as our worship service.  No need to register, just come!

9 a.m. Lifegroups

Heritage – Rm 302 – Led by Dr. Bill Smallman

Men’s – Rm 303 – Led by Derwin Loverink

Women’s – Rm 305 – Led by Sherry Eby

10:30 a.m. Lifegroups 

Women’s – Rm 305 – Led by Tammy Loverink

Berean – Rm 306 – Led by Dale Holmes

Click here to let us know if you are interested in joining a LIFEgroup