Wednesdays @ 6:25 p.m.

September – April

Check out the updated schedule for the year and some tips on helping your child succeed in AWANA

What is Awana?

Awana is a weekly program for boys and girls age 3 through 5th Grade. Awana encourages Bible learning through study, games, and fun rewards. Awana meets at First Baptist Church on Wednesdays from 6:25-8 p.m. from September through April.

When Can My Child Join? How Much Does It Cost?

Students may join anytime throughout the Awana year. Books and uniforms for the year may be purchased for around $25 per child. Weekly dues are just 25 cents!

What About Younger Children? What About Adult Options?

A special class called “Puggles” is available for 2-year-olds whose parents are in the building during Awana, either as helpers or attending a class here at church. Children who turn 3 after August 1 will also attend Puggles. We do require parents of all children younger than Kindergarten to be on campus when their children are present. There are several Wednesday evening options for adults, including Moms Time Out. We also have a nursery available for babies and toddlers whose parents are attending classes in the building or volunteering with Awana.

Can I Volunteer?

We welcome volunteers. Contact the church office at 330-725-5853 if you would like to serve in Awana. For the safety of your children, all children’s ministry volunteers are subject to a background check.

AWANA Grand Prix
Sparks (K-2nd grades) and TNT (3rd -5th grades) Clubbers can participate in the Grand Prix date TBD. Sparks will bring their fastest Hot Wheels Car to race and TNT Clubbers may purchase a wooden car kit or a LEGO car kit to build and race.  Sparks trophies will be given for speed and trophies for speed, design and most unique design will be given to TNT clubbers.