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We want to help your marriage be real, fun and simple because when your marriage is better, everything is better.

We help couples connect through the 4 core habits 1. Have Serious Fun – The best way to protect your marriage is to enjoy it. 2. Respect and Love – Our spouse doesn’t bring out the worst in us—they reveal the brokeness in us. 3. Love God FIrst – Loving God in your individual life  impacts your married life. 4. Practice Your Promise – Marriage is not about the big day but the every day

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Activity Groups in medina

Active Older Adults

Active Older Adults are a group of people who are passionate about giving back. This is a group of people who are grateful for God’s faithfulness and blessings throughout their lives and in appreciation of His blessings, want to give back into the lives of others as freely as God has used others to give into theirs. Contact Sue Jarvis with any questions –