First Baptist Church - Medina, Ohio

FBC Medina Sermons

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Shepherd the Flock

2017-02-06 Sr. Pastor John McCaw

Stand Firm All Alone Part II

2017-01-30 Sr. Pastor John McCaw

Stand Firm All Alone

2017-01-23 Sr. Pastor John McCaw

Stand Firm In Your Faith

2017-01-17 Sr. Pastor John McCaw

Leave It in the Past

2017-01-09 John McCaw

More and Less

2017-01-06 John McCaw

Christmas Day - Message Not Yet Available

2016-12-25 John McCaw

Family Christmas - No Message to Download

This service contained a number of special elements that do not translate well to audio, so there is no file to download for this week.

2016-12-18 John McCaw

A Celebrated and Rejected Gift

Luke 2:25-38

2016-12-11 John McCaw

Comfort and Joy: The Account of Simeon

Luke 2:25-35

2016-12-04 John McCaw