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First Baptist Church Missionaries

Phyllis Bacon, Evangelical Baptist Missions, Canada (Retired)

Roger and Phyllis retired in 1995 after serving six terms with Evangelical Baptist Missions, five in Niger and one in Dahomey (now Benin), West Africa. Following a Marxist takeover in Benin, they transferred to Quebec, where they began a church-planting ministry among French Canadians. Their 12-year ministry in Valleyfield saw a church established and a building constructed. FBC has supported the Bacons since 1953. Roger went to his eternal home in January 2016.

Virgil & Dolores Bunjer, Baptist Mid-Missions, Germany (Retired)

Now retired, Virgil and Dolores were involved in church planting in Germany for most of their missionary career. They spent a third term assisting missionaries in Austria, and served as directors of Camp Maranatha in the Alps from 1978-1985. FBC has supported the Bunjers since 1962. The Bunjers are actively involved in Baptist Mid-Missions' ministry to its retirees, a much-needed ministry that encourages retired missionaries by keeping them updated on BMM news, sharing personal news and prayer requests among the retirees, and keeping them involved in the ministry.

Ken & Renee Dockery, Continental Baptist Missions, Cleveland

Ken was a pastor in Pennsylvania when a serious heart problem brought him to the Cleveland Clinic. He soon felt God's call to minister to the people of Cleveland. Ken and Renee Dockery have partnered with Bill and Natalie Taylor to plant a church in downtown Cleveland, City View Baptist Church. Their first official worship service was held in January 2010 at the Wyndham Hotel on Euclid Avenue. Along with Sunday worship services and small groups, they lead Bible studies around the city, including campus ministries at Case Western and Cleveland State University. Learn more about City View at

Mike & Elva Farrell, Baptist Mid-Missions, France

Mike and Elva Farrell have been church-planting in France since 1982. After teaming with co-workers in Paris and La Rochelle, they are now working alone in Reims, in the northeast corner of France. People have been saved and baptized. A building was purchased and renovated in 1998.The next step is to guide the church toward spiritual maturity and financial stability so that they can soon call their own French pastor. Supported by FBC since 1982.

Ken & Bertha Frost, New Tribes Missions, Florida (Retired)

Bertha began attending First Baptist Church at age 12, finding assurance of salvation. The late Albert Spieth of Baptist Mid-Missions, Brazil, challenged her to yield her life for missionary service. She and Ken started their first term with New Tribes Missions in Brazil in January 1974. Illness brought them home in 1979. They returned to Brazil in 1985 and spent their second term in interior river evangelism, literacy and medical aid to the Maku tribe. They returned to the United States in March 1991 and served at New Tribes Missions' headquarters in Florida as Chaplain and Business Manager for NTM retirees. Supported by FBC since 1989.

Keith Gandy, Baptist Bible Fellowship International, Germany

The Gandys have been church planting in Aschaffenburg, Germany, since 1983. Challenges include sharing Christ with a postmodern, secular society that does not recognize the authority of the Bible. Their current strategy is to equip their successful church plant to plant "daughter churches." Learn more at

Mark & Anne Gostlin, Beacon International Baptist Mission

The Gostlins are part of the "French Redemption Project," building church-planting teams for French-speaking nations like Cameroon and the Ivory Coast. Mark graduated from the Heritage Baptist Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. He served as Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Spencer, Ohio, from 1991 until 2006, when the Lord called him to fulfill his long-held burden of reaching French people with the gospel of Christ. Anne immediately began studies for practical nursing and midwifery which will greatly enhance their ministry. Supported by FBC since 2010. Learn more about the French Redemption Project at

Steve Harney, Cool Kids Ministries

Cool Kids Ministries, Inc., is a non-profit organization designed to help children's ministers reach more boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ. Supported by FBC since 2009.

Brad & Tricia Henderson, SENT, Inc, Tanzania

The Hendersons are missionaries to Tanzania, an African country with a population of 37 million people and a life expectancy of only 45. They minister with the TRUTH Center, which includes Truth Baptist Church, a Learning Center, a Youth Center and a Bible Institute. The Hendersons work with a new church plant in Endasak, Endasak Baptist Church.The TRUTH Center's ultimate goal is to prepare Tanzanian men to shepherd their own people. Brad was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, while Tricia grew up in North Canton, OH. They have been supported by FBC since 2008. Their current prayer letters are posted to their website:

Mary Herman, BBFI

After more than 30 years teaching at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO, where she established and directed the Elementary Education Department, Mary was led to begin a new career as a "Missionary Teacher to the Regions Beyond." Through Baptist Bible Fellowship International, Mary travels to mission fields around the world to train Sunday School teachers, to teach in Bible Institutes, and to support the teaching and training efforts of other BBFI missionaries. Supported by FBC since 2009. Visit Mary Herman's Home Page.

Florence Houck, Source of Light Ministry (retired)

Supported by FBC since 1977, Florence taught French in the mission elementary school for Muslim nationals in the Niger. During her first five terms with Evangelical Baptist Missions, she was involved in teaching, evangelism of Muslim children through VBS, Bible classes and clubs, church youth work, and annual youth Bible camps. In her last three terms, she managed a Christian bookstore, held group Bible studies and guided students in Bible correspondence courses. After retiring from her EBM work in Africa, Florence began her ministry with Source of Light, whose correspondence courses are sent primarily to French-speaking Haiti but also to Algiers, Niger, Benin and Cameroon, as well as to students in prison. Florence grades the students' work, sends out new courses, counsels for spiritual growth and shares the plan of salvation.

Larry & Susan Jarvis - Medina Light Ministries

Larry and Susan are the founders of Medina Light Ministries, a Christian organization that reaches out to inmates of the Medina County Jail and the Medina County Juvenile Detention Center. They serve as chaplains at the jail and operate the Margaret House, a halfway house for women transitioning from jail to independent living. Their mission is to provide help and hope to those who need it most.  Larry and Sue are faithful members of FBC.

Barry & Linda Jones, ABWE (Retired)

Barry and Linda traveled all over the world, mainly Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines and Mexico, to teach in seminaries and encourage missionaries. They filled in for missionaries who on furlough and strengthened ministries through leadership training. Before focusing on missions work, Barry served as a pastor for many years. Barry and Linda have three grown children and live in Michigan. Supported by FBC since 2004.

Alex & Pam Konya, Word of Life, Hungary

Alex and Pam have served with Word of Life International since 1990 and have served in Hungary since 1992. Alex serves as Director for Word of Life Hungary and as Regional Director of Word of Life in Central Europe. He also teaches regularly in the Bible School and is a conference speaker in a number of countries. Pam serves with Word of Life and is head librarian in the Bible School. Supported by FBC since 2011.

Shawn & Whitney Koonce, Tin Roof Society

Shawn's vision for The Tin Roof Society began as a way to connect volunteers, resources, and the needs of the developing world. Serving as a missionary to Kenya and later as First Baptist's missions and youth pastor, Shawn became increasingly convinced that there was a need for some sort of "hub" where missionaries, missions works, and potential donors and volunteers could be connected with each other. He formed The Tin Roof Society in 2009 to connect the missions and humanitarian world, simplify the process of partnering globally, and maximize the impact of investments made. Shawn and the Tin Roof Society have been supported by FBC since 2009. Read more at

Greg & LuAnn Lyons, BBFI - Global Surge

Greg and LuAnn have served as missionaries to the Philippines since 1985. Annual youth camps run through Global Surge (originally Mega City Ministries) have seen thousands of students come to Christ each summer. Supported by FBC since 2010.

Nate & Shanna Mast, BlueSky

Nate (the son of FBC members David & Deb Mast) and Shanna serve with BlueSky in Nairobi, Kenya, working with international students. Learn more at Supported by FBC since 2016.

Micah & Audrey McElveen, Vapor Sports Ministry

Vapor Sports Ministry uses sports along with God's truths to reach people for Christ in Third World countries. Vapor seeks to identify high need areas and then partner with existing missions. A Vapor representative works to develop local leadership, build a sports complex, disciple local workers and pioneer a sports league. Supported by FBC since 2007.

Joe & Noney Mita, Baptist Mid-Missions, Japan

Joe's ministry is church planting and video production and distribution. The Mitas are involved in the Grace Baptist Bible School, church planting, Biblical counseling, and other duties as part of the BMM team in Japan. Joe was recently promoted to principal of the Bible School and has expanded his video printing division to include translating good biblical books, which will help Japanese Christians, pastors and churches. The Mitas have been supported by FBC since 1990. The Mitas with BMM.

John & Michelle Morgan, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

John and Michelle served with ABWE as medical missionaries in Togo for two terms, using their training as nurses to minister through pharmacy and clinic work and at the Bible Institute. After their second term, they felt led to ministry in the U.S. They began a church in Gahanna, Ohio, in 1995. John currently serves on ABWE staff at Headquarters in Pennsylvania as the Strategic Initiatives & Research Coordinator (STIR), providing research and initiatives to assist ABWE field teams and national partners in evangelism and church planting. Michele serves with the International Healthcare Division of ABWE and assists in leading short-term medical clinics. The Morgans have been supported by FBC since 1985. Learn more:

Steve & Susan Oswald, Word of Life

Steve and Susan have a passion to reach today's youth through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. They help local churches like First Baptist Church develop vibrant youth and children's ministries. One of our main goals is to help leaders grow in Christ and in their ability to lead the children and teens that God has placed under their care. Supported by FBC since 2016. Learn more at

John & Pam Saucier, TEAM JAM, Northern Ohio

As an Akron-area youth pastor, John Saucier developed a ministry to high school teens, particularly athletes. In time, the ministry grew to include college and professional athletes, and TEAM JAM--which stands for "Jesus' Athletic Ministry"--became a thriving ministry on its own. TEAM JAM reaches young athletes through school visits, high school athletic chapels, mentoring, discipling and tutoring. TEAM JAM also assists pastors in becoming involved in the lives of youth and develops lay leaders to work with youth. John is a product of First Baptist Church, having been led to the Lord at age 10 by FBC missionaries Dave and Bev Toro. John is the son of longtime FBC members John & Joyce Saucier; he and his wife, Pam, have 4 children. John has been supported by FBC since 1994.

Stan & Junia Schauer, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Colombia (Retired)

Now retired, the Schauers spent many years translating the New Testament for the Yucana people of southeast Colombia and training them to teach the Scriptures. With the growing political and economic chaos in Colombia in 1998, they were asked to help train nationals in cross-cultural missions. Since their retirement, the Schauers have traveled and helped in several Central American countries to help with translation projects and encourage missionaries. Junia is the daughter of FBC's first missionary, the Rev. Emil Halverson. Supported by FBC since 1968.

Earl & Marilyn Shaffer, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, Ohio

In 1988, the Shaffers started Good Shepherd's Baptist Church in Sidney, Ohio, which became self-supporting in 1993. In April 1995, they planted a "daughter" congregation, Hope Chapel, in Piqua. They are presently serving at a church plant, Dayspring at Alton Road Church, west of Columbus. The Shaffers have been supported by FBC since 1994.

Dave & Valerie Smallman, Brazil

The Smallmans serve in Bauru, Brazil. Their ministry there has included relationship building and evangelism; working alongside national leaders to train them in the work of the ministry; encouraging local churches to reproduce in Bauru; branching out as a missions team to begin other new works in Brazil; and developing a missions mindset in the churches that are planted so they will send out missionaries of their own. Their first church plant was Comunidade Batista. Dave is the son of FBC members Bill and Doris Smallman. The Smallmans have been supported by FBC since 2000. 

Joy Spieth, Baptist Mid-Missions, Brazil

Joy has been supported by FBC since 1970. Her parents also served as missionaries to Brazil with BMM. Joy's training as a nurse helps define her ministry to the people of Brazil. Along with sharing her medical expertise, Joy teaches in the Baptist Seminary of Amazonas, uses her musical abilities, and is very active in the groundwork of several new congregations.

Jen Srail, Crossworld, Cambodia

Jen teaches English as a second language and works with young women in Cambodia. Supported by FBC since 2012. Learn more:

Doug & Amber Staley, SENT INC, Republic of Ireland

Doug and Amber and their three children are church-planting missionaries to the Republic of Ireland. Their sending church is Canton Baptist Temple, and they are serving in Mallow, County Cork. Supported by FBC since 2015. Learn more:

Dan & Rachael Stoner, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, Cameroon, West Africa

Pilots Dan & Rachael Stoner are aviation missionaries serving Cameroon, a West African country.  Dan and Rachael's vision is to spread the Gospel "Faster and Farther." Faster, by using aviation to provide safe, efficient transportation for church planting and medical missions work. Farther, by using aviation as an outreach tool to plant churches in unreached areas. Dan and Rachael have 4 children. Learn more about the Stoners and Cameroon Aviation at Supported by FBC since 2010.  FBC is Dan and Rachael's sending church.

William & Natalie Taylor, Continental Baptist Missions, Cleveland

After several years serving at First Baptist Church and Medina Christian Academy while raising support for their mission, Bill and Natalie moved to Cleveland with their 5 children to plant a church in the inner city. City View Baptist Church held their first official worship service in January 2010. They meet in the Wyndham Hotel on Euclid Avenue in Cleveland and also hold individual and small-group Bible studies in other areas of Cleveland, including campus ministries at Case Western and Cleveland State University. Visit their website at

Dave Toro, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, Florida (Toro)

Dave and his late wife, Bev, served two terms in Chile, and then three terms in Sydney, Australia. Their ministries involved church planting (both English and Spanish), Bible studies, camp, and Bible Institute. As their sixth term began, they transferred to Home Missions, doing church planting in Florida among Hispanics in the Fort Lauderdale area. Dave currently pastors a church and holds weekly Bible studies. Dave has been supported by FBC since 1960.

Nate & Karol Watkins, Baptist Mid-Missions, New York City's Liberian Population

The Watkins have been with Baptist Mid-Missions since 1987, first in Liberia, where they were forced to evacuate due to civil unrest, and later on the Ivory Coast. They are now involved in church planting among the large Liberian population on Staten Island, NY. Nate and Karol have four children and have been supported by FBC since 2009.

Brian & Rachael Weed, Baptist Bible Fellowship International, Nicaragua

The Weeds and their 3 daughters serve in Managua, Nicaragua, reaching people through youth camps, VBS, and church ministries. Follow the Weeds on Facebook at Supported by FBC since 2011.

Kevin & Brittany Worley, Central Missionary Clearinghouse, The Netherlands

The Worleys and their 4 children serve in Amsterdam, a culturally diverse city of 1.5 million with approximately 400,000 people between the ages of 18-30. With other church planters, they founded Project 514, which exists to bring glory to Jesus Christ by planting churches in European cities. Their prayer is that God would allow them to be part of a church planting movement that will spread across Europe. They opened "Cityhouse," a coffeehouse/bookstore, to create opportunities to share the Gospel in the heart of Amsterdam. Supported by FBC since 2009. Learn more at and on Facebook at Project 514.

Dwayne & Tammy Wright, Baptist Bible Fellowship International, Ethiopia

The Wrights have been called to minister to the people of Addis Ababa, the capitol city of Ethiopia. With over 7 million people in the city, there is a great need for New Testament churches. Dwayne and Tammy have been studying the Amharic language and Ethiopian culture and moved to Addis Ababa with their 4 children in Dec. 2012. Supported by FBC since 2012. Learn more by becoming a Facebook friend of Dwayne's, or visit their website:

Other Missionaries

First Baptist also supports missionaries in areas where Christian outreach must be done "undercover" because of government restrictions and/or because of cultural prejudices against Christian missionaries. These missionaries work in secular jobs and reach others by building relationships first, then sharing the Gospel. Sharing their names and locations over the Internet would jeopardize their ministry, but you can still pray for them and for their work.

Missions Agencies and Church Plants Supported by First Baptist Church

ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism)

Bibles International (the Bible Society of Baptist Mid-Missions)

BMM (Baptist Mid-Missions)

Baptist Bible Fellowship

Baptist Children's Home (Valparaiso, IN)

GARBC (General Association of Regular Baptist Churches)

Hilliard, OH, Church Plant - Guide Church

Medina Internationals

NCPO (National Church Planting Organization of the BBFI)

OARBC (Ohio Association of Regular Baptist Churches)

OBBF (Ohio Baptist Bible Fellowship) 

Oasis of Hope Pregnancy Support Center - Medina

Ohio Christian Alliance

Shepherds Ministries

Skyview Ranch 

Voice of the Martyrs 


In addition, FBC supports the college:

Baptist Bible College (Springfield, MO)