First Baptist Church - Medina, Ohio

Poole family pic

Jake Poole, Worship Pastor

Pictured at left: Caden, Jake, Holland, and  Aliyah Poole

(Photo by Kate Oren)

Jake Poole was appointed as Worship Pastor by Lead Pastor John McCaw in November 2013. Pastor Jake has served as our worship leader on a part-time basis since January of 2013. Prior to coming on staff full-time, he worked as a youth leader and worship leader for the Salvation Army of Medina.

Pastor Jake studied History at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, where he earned his BA, and holds a Master's Degree in Journalism from Ohio University. He began leading worship as a graduate student and has led a variety of bands and musicians at churches, retreats, and youth services. He and Holland were married in 2012. They welcomed their son, Caden, in 2014, and their daughter, Aliyah, in 2016.

Asked about his philosophy of worship, Pastor Jake wrote this:

"Worship is simply living our everyday lives in sacrificial obedience to God, so that He gets the honor and praise (Romans 12:1). We sometimes miss this and wonder why we feel cold toward God when we gather together as a church. How did you do the other six days in praising Him? As for our worship gatherings, I've heard an analogy that a good worship leader is like a guide taking a hiking group up a mountain. The hiking group is the congregation. We guide them up to the top so they can see the Son. My philosophy of worship is simply this: Jesus is the rising Son on the mountaintop and I want to take people there."

Read more about Jake in this November 2013 email interview.

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