First Baptist Church - Medina, Ohio

GROW lgog with words


What is our identity? What is our mission? What is our purpose?

People everywhere are on a quest to figure out the meaning of it all. Those who cannot answer these questions often feel stuck, or flounder from lack of direction.

As a church, First Baptist Church has committed to GROW. This acronym drives everything we do as a church. Here is what GROW means:

               GO...Make Disciples

               REFLECT...Christ's Love

               OBEY...The Scriptures

               WORSHIP...Almighty God

Go - Make Disciples.

God has called the church to win people to Christ and disciple them to become Christ-like in their lives. Read Matthew 28:19.

Reflect - Christ's Love.

We are the body of Christ. We ought to reflect the love of Jesus through our words, attitudes and ministries. Every time we serve in ministry, this should happen.

Obey - The Scriptures.

We need to know the Scriptures so we can obey them. The Bible is from God, and it is for us. We will teach God's Word and learn to obey it in all we do.

Worship - Almighty God.

God is seeking worshipers to worship Him. He is worthy of the highest honor and the highest praise. Our worship is celebratory and reverent because our God is awesome!


From "G.R.O.W. Together" by John McCaw, Senior Pastor, The First Edition newsletter, October 2014