First Baptist Church - Medina, Ohio

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What is our identity? What is our mission? What is our purpose?

People everywhere are on a quest to figure out the meaning of it all. Those who cannot answer these questions often feel stuck, or flounder from lack of direction.

As a church, First Baptist Church is on a Misson to:

               CONNECT People to Jesus

               Help People GROW in Their Faith

               Equip All to SERVE



1. Jesus is First @ First

2. We wholeheartedly embrace the Bible and its teachings as God's Word

3. We strive for excellence in everything we do

4. We don't just talk - we act

5. We are willing to give up what is good for what is great

6. We embrace radical generosity

7. We meet people where they are and walk the journey with them

8. Children and teens are the future and are on high priority in our ministry

9. People need to be connected to a caring community

10. Each Jesus-Follower has a gift that we cannot fully function without